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Petitioning CEO of Kellogg's USA John Bryant

John Bryant, CEO of Kellogg's USA: Use traceable sustainable palm oil only !

Kellogg's uses palm oil in their breakfast cereals and is making up for the destruction from palm oil by using Greenpalm Certificates.

Millions of these certificates have been sold and yet the forests continue to disappear to palm oil. Palm oil industry insiders have even called Greenpalm certificates a greenwash that hurts the palm oil companies that are trying to be more sustainable.

Kellogg's only two choices. If they want to continue using palm oil, they must use traceable palm oil where they can confirm that it did not kill orangutans or cause global warming excessively OR drop the use of palm oil. Using Greenpalm certificates to try and cover up their palm oil use is NOT an option!

Please send a message to Kellogg's CEO today and tell them to either stop using palm oil or make sure it comes from traceable sustainable sources !!

Letter to
CEO of Kellogg's USA John Bryant
Dear CEO of Kellogg's, John Bryant,

I am very concerned about the effects of conventional palm oil production on rain-forests in Indonesia, Malaysia and Africa. At the rate that the rain-forests are being cut down with zero regard for nature and wildlife, orangutans and many other species will be extinct in a few years.

Research scientists have been ringing the alarm bells for years and as a socially responsible corporation, I am sure Kellogg's is aware of the problems.

As one of the growing number of socially responsible corporations in America, I am urging you to switch your use of Greenpalm Certificates to Traceable Sustainable Palm Oil immediately. Greenpalm certificates have done little in the way of conservation and with pressure building on forests everywhere, it is simply not enough. Millions of these certificates have been sold in the name of producing sustainable palm oil and yet the threats facing wildlife and the global environment are growing every day.

Traceable sustainable palm oil is conveniently available in massive quantities today from Brazil, the UK and even South East Asia to fill all your needs wherever your factories are. I urge you to please either drop the use of palm oil or switch to Traceable Sustainable Palm oil immediately and be completely transparent about where you source so that we can be reassured that its not causing global warming and wildlife extinctions!

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