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Demonstration on Commencement Day

Hey everyone, Thanks for your support. Tomorrow students will be holding a meeting on the Rose Hill campus to discuss actions on commencement day. We created a Facebook event for a demonstration, which gathered many responses, both positive and negative. Our current plans, as outlined on the event's page are that: 1. Orange ribbons will be distributed at entrances to be worn over graduation gowns and on clothing of family/friends. These ribbons symbolize our stance against the use of torture. 2. Students will stand up and turn our backs once Mr. Brennan begins to speak to silently show that we do not agree with his policies/what he stands for. Those Fordham students interested are welcome to attend the meeting, which will be held in the Campbell classroom. We will meet in front of Campbell Hall around 6pm. For those who are not students but will be attending graduation, more information will be posted after our meeting regarding what the group decides. Thanks again, Mike and Scott

Michael Pappas, Scott McDonald
9 years ago