Make Garland/Gaston/Grand safe for East Dallas now!

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The Garland, Gaston, Grand intersection has been outdated for at least 30 years. In the past 5 years, community leaders and Santa Fe trail advocates, such as I, have been working with the city, state, and county officials to redesign the intersection to help transportation flow easier and safer in the increasingly diverse traffic area at White Rock Lake. So many people in my neighborhood live, shop, eat, walk, bike and drive around the lake using this intersection and see how dangerous this intersection is on a daily basis. TxDOT has had 6 public meetings with intense input from the community and through refinement, has come up with an excellent design, the "Option 2, Reverse T" that will make the entire area around the spillway safer while serving ALL parts of Dallas including Forest Hills, Casa Linda, Casa View, Lake Highlands, Lakewood, and Hollywood Heights. The current design allows for better-timed lights and crosswalks for cars, pedestrians and cyclists and decreases runoff traffic from using Winstead, Casa Loma, Coronado, and La Vista. It inhibits excessive automobile speed yet shortens the "rush-hour" traffic on Gaston by providing efficient traffic light timing. More importantly, it adds more trail access to the Santa Fe Trail for bikers and pedestrians. It is also fully funded by the state and is also part of the recently passed city bond election. TxDot is ready to begin work as soon as it gets the 'OK' from the city in May.

There are some who believe a "Regular T" design is better for the area as it will divert more traffic to Grand Avenue, rather than Gaston. That design does not change the current bottle-necking of traffic on the far right lanes of westbound Garland road onto Gaston for instance if you are traveling to Lakewood from The Arboretum. This also restricts free flowing traffic from neighborhoods in Forest Hills and the east side of the lake to utilize the Lakewood shopping center, Baylor Hospital, Greenville Avenue, etc. Once more, the "Regular T" design is unfriendly and dangerous to pedestrian and bicycle traffic who cross Grand/Garland from say, Cane Rosso to The Lot or who interact with business at Arboretum Village as the "Regular T" encourages faster traffic traveling down Garland/Grand.

Please sign this petition to show our city leaders that we do not want anymore delays to fixing this horrible intersection and to keep traffic from backing up on Garland road merely to travel through the neighborhoods near Winstead and Casa Loma.