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John Boehner, Speaker of the House: Stop spending our tax dollars on defending Federal DOMA

John Boehner pretends to stand for being fiscally responsible. However, how is allocating an additional 3 MILLION DOLLARS of our tax payer money on defending a totally unconstitutional and clearly discriminatory law. The GOP has already thrown out one million dollars on defending DOMA, but that was not enough. They are only defending it because Obama has refused to continue to defend DOMA.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
You and your party have recently authorized up to three million dollars to be spent on the discriminatory Federal DOMA law. This was an addition to the already one million dollars the GOP spent on defending DOMA. If in fact you and your party stand for "fiscal responsibility," then how can the Republican Party see fit to waste our tax dollars on the attempt to perpetuate this unconstitutional law.

Our US Constitution begins with "We the people...." That means EVERYONE, Men, Women, All races, Christians, Jews, straights, and gays.

In this nation, we have had many groups of our citizens who have had to fight for EQUAL treatment under the law. Whether African Americans were held as slaves or the great women of this nation didn't even have the most basic right to vote. It was through great struggle and perseverance that blacks were given their freedom and women the right to vote. Of course, these are just examples as are history is littered with citizens fighting for their most basic rights.

Our gay and lesbian brothers, sisters, sons and daughters are not really fighting for Gay Rights per se, they are actually fighting for Human Rights! Marriage is one of the most basic civil rights given to our citizens as long as your straight. DOMA denies 1,138 benefits granted to the straight community.

When was anybody from the gay community given an opportunity to cast a vote as to whether you were able to marry or not. DOMA is most definitely unconstitutional and has it roots based on blatant discrimination.

You are entitled to believe that our gay citizens are somehow inferior to our straight citizens. However, please do not use the US tax payers money to perpetuate DOMA. As a US citizen, I am outraged that the GOP can see fit to our monies in this manner. It is NOT "fiscally responsible" to use our tax payer's money to deny basic civil rights to our gay friends and family.

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