Governor John Bel Edwards: Team with LUI to evacuate Louisiana's COVID-19 Death Chambers

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Stepping Up for Louisiana's Incarcerated Populations

Louisiana United International Inc. (LUI) thanks you so much for your petition signature, and a Super-Sized THANKS if you have already taken ALL of the action requested in support of our Fight COVID-19 Death Chambers campaign.  Nonetheless, we need SO MUCH MORE help. 

PLEASE, make sure your answer is YES to each of these questions, RIGHT AWAY, if at all possible:

1.  Have you emailed to your organization name and website address as well as your name and title with the organization to be added to LUI's April 2020 Position Statement addressing the impact of COVID-19 on Louisiana's incarcerated African Americans?

2.  Have you signed AND shared with as many people as you can ALL 3 of the online petitions associated with LUI's Fight COVID-19 Death Chambers campaign?

3.  Have you "liked" LUI's Facebook page and invited as many of your Facebook friends as you can to do the same?

If your answer to any of the questions above is No, you can make it a resounding YES, simply by visiting our website at and taking all the action recommended as part of LUI's Fight COVID-19 Death Chambers campaign.  Near the bottom of the page, you will also see a Facebook icon that links directly to LUI's page on Facebook.

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Louisiana United International, Inc.
4 weeks ago