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Public Safety Issue: Require All Handguns & Military Type Firearms Be Colored Orange

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In the interests of public safety:>  The presence of certain popular firearms in areas of public access creates a very real public danger and potential hazard for anyone within these firearms' proximity. If the public can be made more aware of these firearm's proximity to them, the dangers created by these specific firearms could be greatly mitigated. The color bright orange has long been recognized as a color alerting the general public of immanent potential danger and warning.

If we are going to remain a society filled with all manner of firearms, I suggest we divide all firearms into two different categories.

All traditional hunting rifles, shotguns, and collectable firearms (pre-Viet Nam War era), in the 1st category.

All firearms that were designed to kill people specifically, ie. all handguns and all military type firearms, be assigned into a 2nd category. All plastic and metal parts of firearms in this 2nd category MUST be colored bright florescent orange, so they can be more easily seen as very dangerous mechanisms to everyone near them.

A military firearm must be semi-auto, have a capacity of more than three rounds, uses an external ammo clip and have a pistol grip. A handgun is any handgun.

Owners of firearms in category 2 would have five years to comply with this public regulation. After five years failure to comply would result in a heavy fines, along with one more year to comply. Non compliance after that one year would result in additional fines and immediate confiscation of the category 2 firearm.

The pro-firearms citizens of the USA would still have the same access to their same popular military firearms and handguns. No rights under the second amendment would be infringed. The exact same firearms would be available to Americans as before this regulation.And the American public is certainly within its own rights in demanding that these most dangerous firearms wear the most obvious public visual warning possible. Bright orange.

Of course having a bright orange firearm may not have the same 'sex' appeal image as having firearms that are not orange colored. This could be an indirect, yet secondary beneficial effect while meeting the immediate public safety requirements toward the good citizens of the United States.

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