Help change Wyo. Stat. § 11-31-106

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Amanda Ellis
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§ 11-31-106. Killing sheep or other domestic animals; destruction.
Every person, firm, copartnership, corporation or company owning any dog, which to his knowledge has killed sheep or other livestock, shall exterminate and destroy the dog.

This law allowed for the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to kill a dog without PROOF that the dog killed livestock. I will explain the story in just a moment. I want to take the time to discuss this law a little further first. Your dog could just be at the scene of a dead livestock animal and be euthanized because of it. This law does not require burden of proof.

Ayseeme was a loving, smart, beautiful dog. She has grown up in the county and never had an issue with livestock. She lived with ferrets, other dogs, the occasional stray cats that her parents would feed. In September of 2017 Ayseeme was stolen. I helped her parents desperately try to find her. She was finally found at a neighbors house and law enforcement and animal control removed her and got her home. This is when my connection with Ayseeme and her mom began. They became family to me. Fast forward to this year (2018) Ayseeme's mom was having some medical issues and was being seen down in Colorado. While mom was gone Ayseeme somehow got out of her home. Ayseeme was brought into the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. She was microchipped! Her mom was contacted and informed the shelter that she was out of town and would be able to pay the reclaim fees and bail her out when she returned. That was the end of that conversation. Mom returns home and discovers that Ayseeme is no longer at the shelter and was adopted out. The man who adopted Ayseeme brought her back to the shelter stating she killed his goats. They informed him that if he surrendered her they would euthanize her. He then left and took her home. He did not want her euthanized, clearly. The next day he brought her back as a stray. To avoid the euthanasia conversation. There was no paperwork done stating she killed livestock. There was no proof shown. On November 19th, 2018 I got wind that Ayseeme (the shelter named her Aria) was at the shelter on a return. She was listed as a medical hold and there was nothing in her file to state she had attacked livestock. I alerted her original mom so she could try to go adopt her back. Her mom showed up and ACO Johnson informed her that Ayseeme could not be adopted and informed her what all had happened with the goats. Mom was clearly upset and demanding answers. ACO Johnson demanded she leave the facility. After mom was kicked out they went and euthanized Ayseeme. Scott Roybal went in to see what was going on but it was too late. I was on the phone with rescues trying to have her pulled into rescue while they were behind the scenes euthanizing her. I want Ayseeme's story shared to show this law can have anyone's animal killed without proof. What if this were a case of someone (maybe a rancher) hating the pitbull breed and lied about the incident? Where are the photos of dead goats? Where is the proof that Ayseeme did this?! Hearsay is not proof.

My goal is to change this law to include showing burden of proof. Humans cannot be found guilty of murder without proof and evidence, so why do we kill animals without the same burden of proof? Please sign and help show our legislators that we will not stand for this anymore. Please help us change the law!