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Retraction of Libelous, Inaccurate, Untrue & Harmful Statements Against the M.S.T.A.

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On, 04.18.17 6:55 PM ET., M.L. Nestel, Senior Writer and Katie Zavadski, co-writers of the article titled "Accused Fresno Mass Shooter Railed Against ‘White Devils’ " in The Daily Beast, wrote statements that are libelous, inaccurate, untrue and hurtful against the religious corporation, named the Moorish Science Temple of America and its Moorish American Moslem members. These false statements or misinformation puts in danger our legally chartered religious organization (since 1926) and its members who are natural born Citizens of the United States of America. In a time where there is heightened religious persecution & terrorism perpetrated upon adherents & their properties due to violent propaganda campaigns, there must be greater sensitivity, responsibility, and accountability that includes accuracy in reporting.

A simple cursory research of records in the public domain would emphatically ascertain the clear and unequivocal aims, goals, and objectives of the Moorish Science Temple of America, and its Founder, the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, as being contrary to any assertion made in statements in this said article or by any radical groups and individuals, such as alleged by Kori Ali Muhammad, Gavin Long, or the likes, who perpetrate in impersonating as Moors/Moorish. Good investigatory journalism reporting would reveal that these names, as well as others that support their philosophy, would not be found on the roll of the M.S.T.A., and if found would be excluded from the books after fair trail, and considered not Moors, but traitors to their cause and trust and their nation, and are not allowed to share in all the Moorish honors.

In our M.S.T.A. doctrines, We, Moorish American Moslems, as members of the M.S.T.A., and allegiant natural born Citizens of the United States of America, are law-abiders supporting our free national constitution of the United States of America. We adhere to the True and Divine Creed of Islam, true "orthodox Islam" in which The Holy Divine Prophet, Noble Drew Ali, says that "a follower of Islam in the true sense of the word is one whose hands, tongue, and thoughts do not hurt others. It teaches the supreme duty of living at peace with one's surroundings. It is preeminently the religion of peace. The very name, Islam, means peace. The goal of man's life according to Islam is peace with everything. Peace with Allah and peace with man." Our Divine Constitution and By-Laws of the M.S.T.A., unequivocally states accordingly, ACT. 3 thru 5:

ACT 3 - "Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom , and Justice must be proclaimed and
practiced by all members of the Moorish Science Temple of America. No member is to put in danger or accuse falsely his brother or sister on any occasion
at all that may harm his brother or sister, because Allah is Love."

ACT 4 - “All members must preserve these Holy and Divine laws, and all members must obey the laws of the government, because by being a Moorish American, you are a part and partial of the government, and must live the life accordingly.”

ACT 5 - “This organization of the Moorish Science Temple of America is not to
cause any confusion or to overthrow the laws and constitution of the said government but to obey hereby.”

From treatises that are read in EVERY meeting: "A Warning From The Prophet" he says, "I hereby inform all members, that they must put an end to all radical and agitating speech, while on their jobs, homes, or on the Public Street. We advocate Peace, and not Destruction.." Also, in the "General Laws: As Said By The Prophet," he instructs Moors "They must live the life of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, and refrain from all alcoholic liquors, or any other harmful things that will terminate to destroy peace or any of the Divine Principles (L.T.P.F.J). They are not to contribute anything that will cause the public to disagree with He or She." In the "SUPREME LAWS FROM THE PROPHET" he states, "Any body of Moors of any Temple of the Moorish Science Temple of America; He or She must be of Moral Standard and a heart of Love, and their works must be of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice."

The Prophet Drew Ali makes it unequivocally clear on the purpose of the M.S.T.A. in "Moorish Leader's Historical Message To America" where he elaborates: "In connection with the aims, objects, rules and regulations...I deem it proper to submit to you a brief statement of our organization, covering its inception, rise and progress and of the Mohammedan religion, which I hope will be satisfactory to you and be the means of causing you at all times to adhere to the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice in relations with mankind in general. I further, most anxiously hope this brief statement will help you to more clearly see the duty and wisdom of at all times upholding those fundamental principles which are desired for our civilization of our posterity, such as obedience to law, respect and loyalty to government, tolerance, and unity...We organized...(1925)...and were legally incorporated as a civic organization under the laws of the State of Illinois, November 29th, 1926...The object of our Organization is to help in the great program of uplifting fallen humanity and teach those things necessary to make our members better citizens...Since the work of the Moorish Science Temple of America was largely religious, the organization has been legally changed to a religious corporation (July 20, 1928)...Inspired by the lofty teachings of the Koran, we have it as the revealed word of God Allah. We shall foster the principles of its teachings among our members. This is our religious privilege as American citizens, under the laws of one of the greatest documents of all time---the American Constitution." We, Moorish American Moslems proudly honor our "American Flag" [lawfully, the Flag of the United States (of America)] and is displayed at all times in the Temples of the M.S.T.A., as well as, flag pins on our lapels; and standard is often with our Moorish descent flag.

As the particulars above should be highly instructional, and apparent on how baseless, reckless and inflammatory incendiary the statements in the article are, to the perception of the public. It betrays our American fundamental principles and ideas of the fourth branch of government, freedom of the press, that should be the organ & voice of the people, the Republic, representative government. Moorish American Moslems of the M.S.T.A. demand our true representation and voice be redeemed, honored & respected. There is absolutely nothing in our M.S.T.A. doctrines that suggest the slightest bit, terms & ideas used in your article such as "White Devil" or use of the name of God Allah in vain killings that are against our Beliefs & Principles, or the advocating subversion against our government or criminal terroristic violence & murder. In fact, Our Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America [which is not a "re-worked Koran" but are Divinely Prepared lessons by the Noble Prophet Drew Ali by the guiding of his father, God, Allah; lessons about Jesus, missing in the Holy Bible, and other ancient sacred lessons, all that Moslems of India, Egypt and Palestine kept] reads in Ch. 8:12 "...when man harms in thought or word or deed another man, he does wrong to Allah." Also, Ch. 48:3 Marcus Garvey is never identified as an Islamic Prophet, but a "forerunner." And the core Beliefs of M.S.T.A. are in common with mainstream Muslims; as the mere fact that the founding religious corporation documents state "The Moorish Science Temple of America deriving its power and authority from the Great Koran [Qur'an] of Mohammed to propagate the faith and extend the learning and truth of the Great Prophet of Ali [Ali's Great Prophet is Mohammed], in America. To anoint, appoint, and consecrate missionaries of the prophet and to establish the faith of Mohammed in America."

We, Moorish American Moslems of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc., need The Daily Beast to retract your original statement and make a corrective statement in writing, in person and via the media. Retracting a statement is an important first step to mend relationships and exercise damage control. While it's not always easy to admit one has made a mistake, you'll gain respect and admiration by setting things straight in an honest and upfront way. Thank you in advance for your favorable response.

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