Bring Mitch Kay back as Sports Programs Coordinator at Ignite

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Mitch Kay has been an amazing Sports Programs Coordinator for Ignite, and this is a petition to try and allow Mitch to remain in the role for Ignite. 

The decision to seek someone else for the position because of Ignite's desire to become "more Jesus-centered" is still quite confusing and vague to the students who are involved in Ignite programs.

Mitch has been a great leader and role model for myself and many other students to look up to, and it would be a shame if he was to be removed from the role. Mitch is caring and inclusive of all students, and he creates a fun, friendly and welcoming environment at Ignite programs. 

Whilst we, as students at Keysborough College, aren't sure of Ignite's decision regarding Mitch's role, all we want is for Mitch to continue being the welcoming, supportive and smiling face we see at Ignite programs! 

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