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Give Hobart Women a Choice to Have Their Birth Professionally Photographed

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Any woman who is giving birth, whether that be vaginal delivery or caesarean section, who wants that birth professionally photographed should have the right to choose to do so. 

There are already hospitals in Australia that allow this to take place, so this petition is not asking for any radical changes to a hospital's maternity policies; it is, however, asking that those public and private hospitals in Hobart that restrict or do not currently permit births to be professionally photographed, reassess and alter their limited policies so that every woman in Hobart, regardless of which hospital she chooses to use (or has to use), is given the same right when it comes to photographically documenting her birthing experience.


The use of professional birth photography is rapidly growing, namely due to the many number of women who are now choosing to take a proactive role in their birthing experience; and photography is one of the many choices these women make.  Likewise, birth photography also serves as a means to break down societal stigmas and misconceptions regarding child birth, and the open sharing through discussion and images is a critical factor in keeping these conversations alive and furthering birth education. 

Yet critically, women who have had their birth photographed have reported feeling a sense of connectedness to the experience; this is because during a natural vaginal delivery we know that the neocortex part of the brain switches off, allowing the body to enter that primal state of purely focusing on bringing the baby down and out. Photographs serve as the perfect visual pieces which can fill out the gaps in a woman's memory, allowing her to process the whole experience, and can often aide in a healing process if there has been trauma during the birth.


In 2014, 30% of all births were cesarean section.

Many women who have a caesarean section have very often experienced some kind of birth trauma in the past or they may have great fears around having to have one. Photography acts as a tool for healing where a woman hopes to replace that prior experience with a new one.

And whilst in a caesarean section the primal state isn't activated, photographs of the birth also allow a woman to see that which she isn't able to witness due to the nature of caesarean sections.


We request that current policies that disallow or restrict profressional photography during a woman's birth, whether vaginal delivery or caesarean section, is changed so that a woman has the right to choose whether her birth is photographically documented. 


We understand that policies are put in place for the protection of a hospital's patients, staff and the hospital itself. In order for a policy to be beneficial to all sides, we acknowledge it is also our role to work with policy makers to create effective policy that is advantageous to all parties.

We would appreciate a prompt response to this petition.

We thank you in advance for your consideration of this matter.


From those who believe in this petition.


Want to know why I am  so passionate about this topic, Pop over and read a blog I wrote earlier in the year This blog gained instant media attention and was published by numerous large news companies around the world. 


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