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Attention John Ajaka, Minister for Disability Services; Jane Prentice, Assistant Minister for Human Services and Disability

The time has come for a Royal Commission Investigation into EACH AND EVERY Disability Services Organisation.

Abuse and neglect happens every day in most, if not all, disability organisations. It is time that the victims, and workers who witness this behavior come forward to NAME and SHAME the PERPETRATORS, and the organisation/s that cover this up.

The NDIS is a scheme by the Australian government to cut funding and services to many people with a disability, as the new, stringent criteria limits funding and services to people who do not meet the government's criteria. 

Whistleblowers are protected by:

Objects and principles Objects and principles

(1) The objects of this Act are as follows:(a) to foster, in community services and programs, and in related services and programs, an atmosphere in which complaints and independent monitoring are viewed positively as ways of enhancing the delivery of those services and programs,
(b) to provide for the resolution of complaints about community services and programs, especially complaints by persons who are eligible to receive, or receive, those services, by families and by persons advocating on behalf of such persons or families,
(c) to encourage, wherever reasonable and practicable, the resolution of complaints at a local level,
(d) to encourage, wherever reasonable and practicable, the resolution of complaints through alternative dispute resolution,
(e) to provide independent and accessible mechanisms for the resolution of complaints, for the review of administrative decisions and for the monitoring of services, programs and complaint procedures,
(f) to encourage compliance with, and facilitate awareness of, the objects, principles and provisions of the community welfare legislation, including by education,
(g) to provide for independent monitoring of community services and programs, both generally and in particular cases.
(2) The following principles must be observed in exercising functions under this Act:(a) the paramount consideration in providing a service for a person must be the best interests of the person,
(b) a person who is eligible to receive, or receives, a community service is also to receive an adequate explanation of the service, is to be heard in relation to the service and may question decisions or actions that affect the person in relation to the service,
(c) a service provider is to promote and respect the legal and human rights of a person who receives a community service and must respect any need for privacy or confidentiality,
(d) a service provider is, to the best of his or her ability, to provide such information about the service as may enable an appropriate decision to be made by the person for whom the service is, or is to be, provided,
(e) a service provider is to enable a complaint about the service to be dealt with fairly, informally and quickly and at a place convenient to the complainant,
(f) a complaint about the provision of a service is to be dealt with even if it is made by another person on behalf of the person eligible to receive, or receiving, the service.

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