Fight for tenant rights in North Carolina!

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Many people are aware of scams regarding "rent to own" situations. Buyers are cautioned to buy at their own risk. These places take your money and then can legally evict you for no reason. These scams leave thousands of families in Buncombe county North Carolina homeless each year. Current laws protect the sellers and landlords over the buyers. These laws need to be changed and awareness needs to be brought to light that people are getting away with taking everything from families with no recourse whatsoever. I am starting this petition hoping you my friends, my neighbors in Buncombe county will come together and help me make these places known for what they are and help me help those who have/are/will be losing everything because the laws side with the scam artists. The laws need to be changed and these people need to be held accountable! PLEASE HELP US ALL! PLEASE SHARE TO LET JOHN AGERS KNOW WE HAVE A STORY AND WE NEED TO BE HEARD!!!!

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