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Wear pink to school in March 10th to make a huge difference for cancer children worldwide

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Each year 100,000 kids under 15 are diagnosed with cancer. Did you know 250 kids get affected with cancer every day on this planet. In America 1,960 kids will die annually from cancer. Every year there will be thousands of kids diagnosed with cancer, their rate is alarming and excessively high. Doctors tried making cures for cancer, however it seems to be very effective to the body of these cancer children in the first few stages. Our mission is to stomp out cancer and how we can do this is by doing this simple activity. From March 6-10 you can raise awareness about childhood cancer and get kids cured early. JAMS, you can make a huge difference to help cancer children. During March 6th-10th please try to attempt this particular activity, in March 6th please ask your parents or try to at least convince them to donate to St. Jude's or any other cancer hospital your familiar with. In March 7th and March 8th please visit the website of the particular cancer hospital you chose and  ask some of your friends or family or anybody in the community you know to give money for donation. Lastly for the students in JAMS, during March 10th please wear something pink for school and change your Chromebook wallpaper to the color pink, from this you can make a huge difference that can help many cancer students around the world. Please agree and, please sign the petition. 

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