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John Adams, Berks County,Pa. D.A.: Prosecute the (2) criminals who very seriously injured my son on 5/1/11


On 5/1/11 when my 21 year old son was found in the parking lot of the Legends Bar laying unconscious with a glascow coma scale of 3 in a pool of blood and gelled cerebrospinal fluid with near absent V.S. that he had to be intubated on sight with multiple I.V.s and a cardiac moniter requiring B.P.and cardiac stimulating drugs in leiu of defibrillation. His good friend who saw the bouncer throw him out the door, followed him to the parking lot and called 911 and reported the assault of the prior felon bouncer. 2Muhlenberg cruisers arrived. So did the Muhlenberg Paramedics with tremendous speed to a level 1 trauma unit to emergency neurosurgery. My son sustained 21 skull fractures,8 facial fractures,8 bones in his right ear fractured, Right hemispheric subdural hematoma, Left axial bleed and every main artery in his brain ruptured. He was on life support for 10 days. He has permant brain damage but we are very lucky to have him. Three of his doctors say "You shouldn't be alive."He also sustained a torn right rotator cuff, diminished vision and is deaf in his Right ear. I say all of this because the detective in this case, not the responding officer and the D.A. seem to not be able to read the Pa.Criminal Code. We have spoken to 7 other law enforcement Pa. officers including the head of the Pa. State Police,a Chief of Police,3 Detectives,apatrolmen and a sheriff. All said the bouncer should have been charged with attempted murder and arrested on the spot. Instead after 81/2 weeks only the bouncer was charged with 2 mismeaner charges on a prior felon. The police report was very fraudulent and did not reflect any of the information that the detective told us the night of my sons injury when he visited the neurointensive care/O.R. area at 2AM. When he said that "my sons did nothing wrong. They reviewed the tapes."Before leaving the detective asked my older son if he thought his brother might have "rolled down the steps or jumped out the door?" That is when I asked himto leave. My sons neurosurgeon-who has been recognized as one of the best in the country said"his injuries were like someone had thrown him from a low flying plane. And that he has never taken care of a live person with 21 skull fractures." The detective seems to have forgotten about the 13+2 witnesses who saw the bouncer throw my son. The detective seems to have forgotten about the neo-nazi friend who asphyxiated my son 13 minutes prior to being thrown out of the club. My son had to be rescued by 2 friends and his older brother because he was purple/blue with his eyes rolled back in his head and he was unconscious. The neo-nazi had him in a "death choke hold."The neo- nazi was accompanied by 2 others and are friends withthe bouncer. The detective referred to the neo-nazis on the tape at the hospital on two occasions when reviewing the incident with my older son at the hospital neurointensive care waiting room. I was a witness.As well as my husband. The whereabouts of those tapes are in huge question! When my son was aroused to consciousness from the asphyxiation he walked across the floor in a stupor to retieve his Philadelphia Phillies hat when the bouncer grabbed him from behind by the neck and belt,carried him to the door and threw him through the air just as his injuries reflect. His CAT scan and neurological report both report assault#1 and#2 occurring on 5/1/11. The CAT scan injury #2 is the asphyxiation due to the arterial damage. How can the responding officers report of 13+witnesses and the Pa.LCB investigation that my son is avictim and the bouncer used excessive force? The answer is corruption. For years the Muhlenberg police have gotten away with destroying tapes and evidence as they have in this case to not convict the bouncer. They and the D.A. are supposed to be working for the state. They are not. They are working for Legends. Every witness -additional that has come forward they discredit saying "they dont admit to drinking so they must be on drugs."Legends is a drug bar.Berks county doesnt like drug trials and your son couldnt go through that. Thats interesting Legends is a Lounge where college students, business men, and local lawyers go. Even the D.A. has been spotted there. The detective has submitted a fraudulent police report that neglected to mention the injuries my son sustained. When I called the District Justice Office the day of the Preliminary to see what time the hearing was the secretary insisted that I bring my 21 year old son to testify for his hearing. I told her He just got off of life support. She was shocked. But the DA's office Mr.Adams was ready for a plea bargain just as I expected. He wouldn't talk to me from day 1.What are these laws called -victims rights? The D.A. and Muhlenberg police haven't respected one of them or my sons right to prosecute the criminals who have so seriously injured him for the rest of his life. These criminals are directly in reach but you are protecting the liquor license , insurance companies that cover Legends and that license and the criminals themselves. Not to mention the civil rights violations. I believe they call this obstrucion of justice,fraud,extortion,etc. How long do you expect people to put up with it? If you check the Pa. LCB records for at least the last 3 years all bouncer caused injuries of patrons were prosecuted at the criminal/felony level for every other disciplinary action in the state. This hasnt happened at all in a review of Legends LCB records since 2006. Also there hasnt been any discipliary actionor reports for the multple injuries sustained there requiring treatment-one a relative. Multiple DUI'sand deaths. I know of 2 personally and witnessed 2 accidents leaving. There have been 2 deaths -one inside, one outside. You would never know by looking at LCB records.Lastly there is a huge conflict of interest with the Muhlenberg police investigating my sons case due to D.A.s close involvement with Lodge 71 of the FOP . He has many accolades for them and has announced his bid for re-ection at their FOP meeting hall. His exact words were on 1/28/11 to that Lodge 71 "We're going to work hard to to protect our streets,and to prosecute the cases to take violent criminals off the streets." I'm not sure he meant that in my sons case. The Muhlenberg Township Police have served as the private police force for Legends since 2006 with as many as 8 cruisers on weekends writing many citations for DUIs as patrons leave to assaults,etc. They have no trouble with probable cause then.-as with the bouncer. They arrest people in their parking lot according to their history of incident reports since 2006 for more than the prior felon bouncer was arrested for. And that took 81/2 weeks. I asked the D.A.-ADA repeatedly to investigate the Muhlenberg police due to the conflict of interest. That never happened. I asked why he didnt use his 27 special victims unit. I never got an answer. They laughed at the FBI. The D.A. has been critcized bythe editor of the local newspaper for his lack of transparancy when it comes to his handling ofcriminal matters of the FOP. One of these matters involves apolice officer that works at Legends. He was recently recently arrested for putting a gun down his wife's mouth while pinning her to the floor while their daughter watched.This officer also has other citations. All of this wasn't prosecuted until prompted by the editor amongst other officer cases. Mr. D.A. I hope that you reconsider and do the right thing so that legends doesn't continue with its" license to kill."Perhaps your loyalty is being challenged however my son has always said "it is what is." He is the victim here!He also is a big Boon Dog Saints fan-Truth and Justice will prevail !

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