End Rape Culture in the John Abbott Islanders

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Any sports association that tolerates rapists and sexual predators is not a source of pride, but a terrible stain. As students, staff and alumni of John Abbott College, we demand that the Sports and Recreation Department:

1) Enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards any attitude from players or coaches that minimizes or normalizes sexual violence, whether these attitudes be voiced on the field, in the lockers, or on social media;

2) Ensure that players attend and listen to the entire SART training and pass a test on the contents of said training under the supervision of a coach and a member of the College's SART taskforce in order to stop them from simply signing their name on the attendance sheet and leaving;

3) Make aspiring players pass an ethics test in order to weed out those who hold unacceptable views on sexual violence and rape culture;

4) Take any allegation of sexual assault against a player or coach seriously and suspend them pending an investigation, as for too long the voices of women and men who have been victims of sexual violence have been silenced.