Remove hawkers and informal traders from top of Puttick Ave in Sundowner Ext 11.

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Street Sellers are conducting business in such a manner as to -
(i)create a nuisance;
(ii)damage or deface the surface of any public road or public place, or any public or private property; or
(iii)create a traffic and/or health hazard, or health risk, or both.
(iv)may not make an open fire on a public road or public placeA street trader must-
(v)Keep the area or site occupied by him or her for the purposes of such business in a clean and sanitary condition;
(vi)Keep his or her property in a clean, sanitary and well maintained condition;
(vii)Dispose of litter generated by his or her business in whatever receptacle is provided by the Council for the public or at a dumping site of the Council.