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Fathers Rights. Fight for our Children and Fight for the End of Parent Alienation of USA.

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We live in a Fatherless society...

What really happens to families that are torn apart? If, you think a simple break up or divorce is all that happens you are severely wrong. The fact is, there are millions of fathers who have fought or are fighting to stay and be part of their children's lives, but as the historical practices of family court, most if not all these fathers lose most or at least half of the contact with their children. Our sons and daughters don't even have a say in the motion, its up to Selective evidence NOT ALL evidence (just the evidence they need to treat you like the other fathers who came in before you) that shape the family courts on how they feel is "In the child's best interest". There is so much to prove, so many cases on the internet, so many studies on psychological negative impacts of this kind of abuse and neglect the family courts allow and it has gone on for so long, we can even see it in the movies. Help me and help the great fathers of this country to be re-united with our children to love and protect, to guide and to hold, and most of all help the next generation of our country to grow up in a better world than what it is today.

The important thing here is that we all have come together to make having a family, having children the blessing that it has and always will be. Lets not forget that there are good and bad parents out there, but to treat everyone the same is wrong. The attorneys and commisioners of family law are more interested in the costs to execute and how much money they can be awarded for the case. Rather than reading all materials and understanding the true nature of the relationships, the system has designed and painted all fathers to be of one. Thats discrimination. 

Personally, I have lost the 10 year battle in family court in Washington state, after all these years I have emotionally and physical shut down. Diagnosed with PTSD and Depression, due to the out comes of court and not being able to be able to see my three sons until they turn 18 years old.

My ex wife was charged with a multimillion dollar drug trafficking scheme and was founded guilty of structuring cash. Yet, this was over looked due to the false allegations she painted me to be.

In the end, the truth will be told when our children come looking for us and we will be looking for them. I encourage all of you to forward this petition to all those who have to live like this. Let's change this.

Letting go and letting GOD is where my faith stands now.

Lastly, for any of you who have been divorced in the last decade, Im pretty sure even though you may have not had any DV issues, you were ordered to complete a 1 year program anyway... It's all about money.. 


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Fighting with a fist full of tears and broken hearts.


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