Forest Land in the Jaws of Death

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Forest Department is commercializing Botanical Garden Reserve Forest, Kothaguda by undertaking civil works to build cottages, Tree House and convention center (Interpretation Center) on the name of development.

The forest dept has initially started building gazebos which made daily walkers and visitors happy as they could relax for a while after their daily walk. Parallelly they have also started working on building boating bridge as they wanted the dry pond inside the garden to be converted for boating purpose which was objected by some regular walkers as there is no water for newly done plantation and the dept people are planning to start boating.

Later they have begun building huge steel structures on the name of convention center which will be leased to corporate companies for work shop, parting etc... After raising objection, the forest dept have changed the name from Convention Center to Interpretation center that can be used for children exhibition purpose.

Tree house and cottages: Building tree house using heavy steel and building cottages by cutting down the plants and tress inside the reserve forest for people to pay and stay.

Impact on Wild Life - There are more than 800 peacocks, Rabbits, Wild boars and precious bird species which are getting adversely effected by sound pollution caused from the civil works and the damage to the forest caused by the plastic, food and human waste.

We walkers association members have protested this commercialization. We want this construction work to be stopped with immediate effect and the forest to be kept in its original state as it was earlier. On the name of development we don't want commercial activities taking place inside the forest area.

Unreasonable Entry Fee: Forest dept currently charging 25 rupees per person as entry fee into the botanical garden. Instead of encouraging people to come for a walk for healthy living the increased entry fee into the garden is actually working as a discouraging factor. Telangana govt is spending hundreds and thousands of crores on various welfare schemes for the welfare of the people can’t they reduce the entry fee to 10 rupees and encourage people to come for walk and live healthy life.

We require Telangana State Environmental and Forest Minister to intervene and pass such orders to the forest dept to stop all the construction activities immediately at KVR Botanical Gardens, Kothaguda.