Stop Meat and Dairy Ads from Apearing on your Facebook!

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Are you tired of seeing Ad's for a Macdonalds Big Mac or mcflurry that you have a 0% chance of ever purchasing? 

What a waste of advertising space!

3 years ago, I Made the decsion to never purchase Animal products again after I learnt of the cruel and imhumane practices involved in Animal agricultre!

As i became more aware and more switched on, I relaised that food objects like steak and chicken nuggets were no longer objects. Instead, I saw them that for what they really were, or rather, WHO they were! Chopped up and dismembered body parts of innocent animals. When I'm unforturunate enough to come across a sponsored AD for a steakhouse or butcher, seeing these graphic and violent images actually make me feel sick to the stomach. It's the LAST thing i want to see when im having my breakfast in the morning, scrolling through facebook.

I would much rather see an Advert for a Tv show on netflix, or for the newest Andriod Apple Phone, Or for even for an upcoming Video game. These things intrest me and I actually would purchase these products and services. This form of targetted advertising is effective and welcome. 

Facebook needs to update its advertising model to seperate those that refuse to support Animal Abuse and Torture within the Food industry!  

I'm calling on facebook to change thier advertising model to ensure that people who choose to live a life of compassion towards animals don't have to see thier animals friends for sale!

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