NON à l’incinérateur de RicheTerre

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Re: Setting Up of a Waste Treatment Plant at Riche Terre
We, inhabitants of Baie du Tombeau village, strongly object to the proposed setting up of a waste recycling plant within the Riche Terre industrial zone by Veolia Recycling & Environmental Services (Mauritius) Ltd.
Such a highly hazardous plant will be detrimental to the health and well being of residents of Baie du Tombeau, Terre Rouge, Le Hochet, Arsenal,Port Louis, Sté croix, Riche Terre, Balaclava, Plaine verte and other neighbouring areas due to the following issues:
1. Theproposedplantwillbetreatingmainlypetroleumwasteproductsand derivatives (Annex 1 para.1.3; extract of EIA report).
2. Itwillbelocatedonagreenfieldsiteofaround30,000m2arablelandonly600 metres from the nearest residential zones to its west (Annex 2). Arable land is getting too valuable to be spoiled forever when there are other alternatives.
3. Incineratorsgeneratetoxicgassesandothercarcinogenicproducts.Theseare exhausted into the air and will get propagated by the wind in a purely random manner. As the Riche Terre elevation is low, the contaminated exhaust fumes will spread at ground level and impact some 50,000 people residing within a 2 kms radius from the proposed site.
4. ThesoilatRicheTerresitsononeofthelargestaquifersofMauritiusthatis already supplying the Baie du Tombeau region from a borehole close to Jumbo.
1Putting this fresh water supply at risk of contamination from such a hazardous operation is criminal, especially when Mauritius is already suffering from chronic water shortages.
5. Duetoclimatechangeeffect,theRicheTerreareaispronetoflashfloodsand there is a high likelihood that polluted flood waters will run off the plant compound and accumulate in the low lying areas of Baie du Tombeau; further aggravating the flooding issues there.
6. TrafficatthejunctionofJumboandindustrialareaisalreadycongested, operation of a waste treatment plant with additional constant lorry movements will only worsen the situation.
In light of the above, we consider that it is against the public interest if the Authorities are to grant permission to Veolia Environmental Services to set up its waste treatment plant at Riche Terre.
We therefore pray the Authorities not to authorize the proposed setting up of this waste treatment plant at Riche terre