Get The Amity Affliction To Play In Liverpool England

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Every time The Amity Affliction tours the UK they never come to Liverpool.

Throughout Liverpool and its surrounding areas there are many TAA Fans who would find it easier and better if TAA chose to use a venue in Liverpool instead of them travelling to go to other places in the UK (closest one is Manchester). The Amity Affliction are well loved to many people in Liverpool due to how amazing their songs are because people can relate to them and that's what makes a song go from good to great. 

Also if The Amity Affliction has a show in Liverpool they would have an amazing time here due to how amazing Liverpool is because of its history, landmarks and how amazing the people of Liverpool are as well.

By coming to Liverpool The Amity Affliction can also expand their UK following because people who love this genre of music and not know who TAA is might come to the show and love what they hear which can create new fans and also a bigger venue for next time they come because they can tell their friends about it

So lets get this petition signed and get one of the best Australian metal core bands to come to this great city!!!!

Thank you.