Get Jo Jorgensen on the Joe Rogan Show!

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Right now we’re stuck in a two party system deadlock that recycles the same dead promises every four years. And now we have to choose between two old white guys who really don’t care about you and your freedoms, and they’ll say anything to get into that Oval Office.

But there is another choice! One we can unite over! 

Dr. Jo Jorgensen is the libertarian candidate in the 2020 election. Her campaign is a grassroots movement dedicated to helping the downtrodden and those oppressed by the government’s overbearing Presence in our lives. Her main goals are healthcare reform for all, protecting the environment, and draining the swamp everyone was hoping for last go around, yet wasn’t delivered.

 But the main news networks and national debates won’t give this strong, capable woman The time she needs to speak to the American people. 

Joe Rogan has always produced a podcast that, even when hitting controversial topics, has always given his interviewees a proper fair shake to say their piece. His podcasts reach over 200 million listeners, and if Jorgensen had a chance to say her piece and give the good people of this country hope, we could break the back of an oppressive system that marginalizes so many. 

Now is the time to make a change, and we humbly ask that Joe Rogan consider inviting Dr. Jorgensen to talk On his platform to discuss her platform because the establishment won’t let her reach her voters, and the only people who lose in that scenario are WE THE PEOPLE!