Save Yojoe​.​com!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000! has been the information hub of the GI Joe collecting community for over two decades.  It has been an invaluable resource for lapsed collectors looking to get back into the hobby, new collectors trying to learn about the history of GI Joe, collectors trying to complete newly-purchased figures and toys, and even non-collectors looking to re-live the fun of their favorite toys from days gone by.  For much of that time, has been maintained by a dedicated and knowledgable staff, led by administrator Terry Dizard and photographer Philip Donnelly.  Its importance cannot be measured. is a unique treasure in the toy and collectible community, without peer or rival.

Since Vertical Scope purchased, they have frozen Terry, Phil, and staff out of the maintenance of the site.  Recently, Terry has warned the GI Joe community on Facebook of Vertical Scope's unwillingness to grant him access to maintain the site, and has stated he believes that the site's information will soon be made unavailable - potentially to be transferred to a forum database or, in the worst-case scenario, perhaps deleted altogether.  Regardless, Terry has been frozen out of the decision-making process on the site that he has helped build and maintain for twenty years, and is admittedly only speculating at what could be on the horizon.  Regardless, these scenarios leave us with a greatly diminshed, functioning far below the standards of excellence that Terry, Phil, and the staff has established over the years.

This is a horrendous oversight on the part of Vertical Scope.  When Vertical Scope purchased, they didn't purchase just a message board, they purchased the hub of a vibrant and dedicated community.  However, without the ability to provide site maintenance, will wither and die as the GI Joe community continues to grow without it.

Thankfully, a sensible solution is easily attainable - Vertical Scope could reinstate Terry Dizard's administrator permissions to, and continue to reap the benefits of their investment.  With full access to the site, Terry, Phil, and their staff can return to providing the necessary heartbeat to a great fan community.  Please don't let die!  Please join the cast of What's On Joe Mind and sign this petition to help save the greatest of all fan sites and resources!  Knowing Is Half The Battle, but it's time to do our part in the other half!  Thank you!

Mike Irizarry, Host, What's On Joe Mind? podcast