Equal education for children with special needs

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My son roman has been diagnosed with autism, a development delay and he has a chromosome deletion. Roman is non verbal, he has no social skills and won't look me in the face. He pretty much lives in his own world. Though sometimes I think he's better off, it's so sad to watch as a mother.

I have emailed every school in cork for a school placement for Roman for september 2023. Normally this isn't a problem for most parents. I have received correspondence from schools saying there is no longer waiting lists or places within schools for Roman. A new legislation brought into effect since January 2020 by our government. I had one school tell me their list won't be open until 2025. No waiting lists!!! No places!! 

Roman will be offered home tuition, The government are missing the big picture here!!!!!! My son is in DIRE NEED OF LEARNING SOCIAL SKILLS.  As most children on the spectrum struggle with this!! He does not need a one to one with an adult in our home in his own surroundings. How is he supposed to learn to live in the real world if he is never exposed to it?? I am his mother, his best friend and his voice. I will not be quiet!! I will March north and south of this country to get his needs met and I hope that every other mother out there who is feeling the heart ache and frustration of our forgotten children will join me. Our children are entitled to an education the same as every one else's. We need more ASD units, classes and schools for children with special needs. The government need to lift their heads out of the sand and they need to start giving us answers directly. I'm sick of hitting brick walls when it comes to help for my son. This is the first petition I have ever made and I hope you will agree with me and support me by signing it. Many thanks Laurie Bailey