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Marcus's Law

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It's with a heavy heart that my wife and I have come to a crossroads; to fight or not to fight. We have decided to fight. This petition focuses on our journey of being guardians of my godchild. He is a ward of the state, in the hands of the Department of Child's Services, and family court. His case is different from most you see. He was taken through actions of close relatives for abusing drugs. Marcus himself was never physically harmed, but placed in many situations where he could have been: needles, drugs, and strange characters. This was a recipe for disaster. I'm asking for child care reform, to bring back to focus that we are of the child's best interest, not of the parents and other family members who selfishly don't care they are not making decisions that are best for the child. I'm asking for family court reform. Lets protect these children that have been around drug abuse and paraphernalia and demand the courts not give so many chances to the parents and biological family members. Stop letting these children fall through the cracks of the system and demand a three strike ruling. In my godsons case, there have been multiple drug test failures, multiple non compliance, and plenty of failure to rehabilitate; parents and grandparents wishes are still being granted when rights should be terminated. I need your help! Help me change these children's lives. It's time to put them back at the center focus! You can make a difference my signing this petition for me to present to state and federal court. Thank you America! 

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