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stop sugarcoating harsh historical facts and erasing our Native American history

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There are new primary history books have changed the word slave to workers and ignored the Native American Heritage of our country. Subsequently, these particular books have also erased facts about the Klu Klux Klan. While ideally it would be nice if our history was all cookies and cream but in reality there are parts of our history that is quite harsh. Trying to soften and erase these facts will only promote repeated mistakes of our past failures. We need to educate truthfully, even though parts may be harsh. People were slaves..not workers..the KKK did exist and we Americans thought it was our God given right to push out Native Americans to the reservations while claiming our Manifest Destiny. 

example: in 2015 a mother of a 15 year old boy was shocked when she found the use of the word worker when referring to slaves in her sons world geography textbook by saying “the Atlantic slave trade from 1400s-1800s brought over millions of workers to America”  -Washingtonpost 

this within itself is preposterous. Upon first glance many may find nothing wrong with the wording but if you take a closer look at these words and actully define them you will realize there’s a lot more wrong with this than meets the eye 

1. According to the Merrium Webster dictionary worker literally means someone who is a member of the workforce 

okay, seems legit; right well, let’s continue.

2. What does workforce really mean? Again according to Webster’s dictionary workforce means someone earning wages... earing wages... hummm what didn’t slaves get? Oh yeah that’s right, money. 

Finally let’s look up the definition of a slave

3. Someone who is submissive to a dominating force. 

These two words ARE NOT inner-changeable! They aren’t alike in any way. 

The authors of the textbook changed the entire history of our county by changing just one word. 

Help us end this injustice; sign this petition... just think you can make a difference. 

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