Move Joe to Background Chinese class

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ye yr started this petition to JOE LAM


This document contains a collaboration of work from ye and PJN, please read through this thoughtful and meaningful document.


A message from ye

We believe as a cohort that it is just to move Joe Lam to the background Chinese class. Our thoughts have been collected and expressed together because we believe that we are being put at an academic disadvantage due to Joe Lam being able to study in the non-background class. We believe that letting him achieve good marks at an easier level lets down the academic competition of the class, therefore his promotion to the background class is the right choice to make.

Here is a research document written by one of the masterminds behind this justice movement, Dr. PJN:

Dearest reader,

Joe lam is a student of Haileybury Newlands and most importantly the Chinese NON background class. In this petition we aim to permanently move joe to the background Chinese class.

Why would we want to do this?

1. Joe Lam is not abiding by/does not fit the “non background class” requirements. By definition the non background class is a class of students who study Chinese that are not of Chinese background. This means the student, parents or even grandparents can not be from China to be Eligible to participate in the “Chinese non background class”. I regret to inform that All of Joe Lam’s predecessors (with the exception of his brother) is from a mandarin speaking country. Also note- Joe Lam often likes to debate and reject these claims making claims of his own that his family is from Hong Kong- a Cantonese speaking country; However according to world wide research conducted by the university of Shanghai in the last 60 years Hong Kong has had a boom in mandarin speaking migrants enforcing the language on the entire population- INCLUDING JOE LAMS predecessors. 

2.Because of the above Joe Lam has a competitive advantage over all students in the Chinese background class; taking equality and pissing n it. Joe’s competitive edge means that he completes assignments and tests with ease and no effort what so ever making end of year awards; such as honours impossible to be attained by anyone other than Joe. In fact Joe was so smart to drop so many marks on purpose last year to allow ye to receive the awards, loosing up suspicions. (Well played Joe, well played) 

Why would you care?

Obviously if you are in the Chinese background class the second point above is the answer for this point. Furthermore, even if you are not this should still have an impact on you. Could you imagine if someone else had an unfair advantage in something in which you strive to be the best but can not be because of this individual? 

How you can help:

PLease help this monstrosity by signing this petition,. Please please take the time to sign it and embolism all of the Joe-Lam like characters once and for all.

Regretful Regards,

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!