Our children need air-conditioning in their classrooms!

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 21 of 69 schools in Saint Paul have AC for kids & teachers.

Temperatures in Minnesota are far from normal.  During spring summer and even fall, temperatures can easily get above 85° and intense humidity for several days and even weeks out of the school year.  It deeply saddens me that the majority of schools in Saint Paul do not have any type of air conditioning besides fans. 

 I have received notices from my children’s school saying that the classroom has reached  80° Or above, there has also been some days other schools have even canceled due to the heat in the past. Not only is it affecting the children’s learning but it is also can be affecting their health. The lack of air conditioning should be a concern for Saint Paul.  

As a parent of a six and seven-year-old my heart breaks when I am at work in air-conditioning and I think about my kids, at school without air-conditioning.  I want the state to do something about it so I have started a petition!  

If you care about our kids as well as the teachers, and want them to have a healthy and comfortable environment at school please sign my petition!


thank you!