Nationwide - Keep Far Cotton, Kingsley and St James Branches Open

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Russell Hickman
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Nationwide Building society has decided that they are going to move their town centre premises and close down three local branches.

The branches are in St James, Far Cotton and in Kingsley. Nationwide claim that there aren't enough people using the branches but all of these areas have faced significant pressures. The St James library is under threat and they have lost a Lloyds bank branch, the Kingsley area has also lost a Lloyds bank and have lost a Co-operative food store. All of the branches serve diverse communities and local shopping areas with a range of independent shop fronts who are recommended not to keep large amount of cash on their premises or travel large distances to bank cash. The branches along serve significant number of people who do not have access to online banking and need face to face contact to effectively manage their financial affairs. The closing of these branches will have a devastating impact of the local areas.

The large branch in the centre of Northampton is moving site and it seems that it is these local areas that willl be paying the price for such a move.