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Joe Fresh: We Demand Accountability & Transparency


Over the past week global news outlets and social media platforms have reported on the devastating factory collapse in Bangladesh. The death toll is now approaching 400, and is estimated to increase by at least another 1000. Consumers have been deeply saddened by this tragedy, but at the same time many of us are motivated to change the way we buy our clothing.

As the Founding Executive Director of Fashion Takes Action, Canada's only members based non profit devoted to sustainability in the fashion industry, I have been addressing social and environmental issues for many years. I am deeply saddened that it has taken a tragedy of this scope for the average person to rethink their clothing purchases. But hopefully there will be some good to come of this.

While its no secret that we at Fashion Takes Action are not fans of any fast fashion brand, particularly ones that completely ignore sustainability initiatives, we do not feel that a boycott of Joe Fresh or "Made in Bangladesh" is the solution. Two thirds of the employed population in Bangladesh work for the garment industry, and a boycott would only cause greater hardship to their impoverished population.

In a press conference this morning, Joe Fresh President Joseph Mimran, along with Loblaw Companies CEO Galen Weston, announced they will be setting up a relief fund for victims and their families, creating a new standard that respects facility building codes and laws, and having their own staff on the ground to ensure safe environments that meet Canadian standards. This seems reasonable, if its sincere. But given their complete lack of transparency and committment to corporate social responsibility in the past, it is completely reasonable to question their sincerity.

While discussion is better than running and hiding, I am more interested in action. Its not enough to know they are working to fix the problem. I want to know what they are doing to prevent this from ever happening again, and I want them to be transparent about it. Today, tomorrow, five years from now.

As a Canadian fashion icon and leading retailer, Joe Fresh owes it to their customers to be up front about the working conditions in their factories, as well as what social initiatives they will take to improve the well-being of factory workers, and the wages they receive.




Letter to
Joe Fresh Joseph Mimran
Loblaw Companies Galen Weston
This letter of petition is in response to the tragedy that occurred last week at the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. As consumers, we realize that boycotting all clothing made in Bangladesh is not the solution, and are pleased to learn that you are not pulling out of Bangladesh. This would only cause greater hardship to their already impoverished population.

In your press conference today you announced what actions Joe Fresh will be taking, including starting a fund for victims families, and sending your staff to Joe Fresh apparel factories in Bangladesh, to oversee conditions on the ground. While these are steps in the right direction, we feel that as consumers, you owe it to us to be more transparent about what actions you are taking, and will continue to take in the future.

This petition calls for Joe Fresh to be transparent by providing the following information up front for the public to access, preferably on your website:
• Make third party social compliance audits available
• Provide a list and/or a map of all of your garment factories
• Post testimonials, videos/photos documenting the working conditions of your factories

We see this as a great opportunity for learning and growth, for industry, government and the consumer. We need to work together in order to make real change happen, and we believe that the signatures we collect with this petition will convince you that being transparent is essential moving forward.

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