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Accuracy in History

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Over the last several decades,  we have witnessed a slow white-washing of our true history. For example, in Texas, legislators got to decide how history was presented. "Ultimately the state voted to soften slavery's role, among other controversial decisions, and these standards became the outline for publishers to sell books to the Texas market — the second-largest in the country."

"So it is no surprise that these new textbooks emphasize the happy side of slavery, including their enjoyment of community dances and the notion that Christianity gave them “hope.”
With the textbooks going out to 5 million students, it’s obvious McGraw-Hill doesn’t want to say anything the Texas Board of Education might frown upon. And because Texas is such a large market, it generally drives textbook content nationwide."

This is an unacceptable process. No one should get to decided how to teach the history of our nation and be able to make decision on what gets left out. 

Our history is full of despicable things. But it is OURS.  We must teach it, truthfully, to the generations that come after us, to prevent our nation from repeating it's mistakes. 

Please sign this petition asking our legislators to do the right thing and propose a bill that will:

*require verifiable facts be presented in an historically ACCURATE and thorough way to all students in every school across the nation. 

*establish a reporting system for educators to alert the Department of Education to incorrect textbooks

*create procedure for correcting verifiably incorrect materials

*create a system to fine and/or shut down companies that refuse to comply with the historically accurate framework.

*establish a 3 strikes rule: if a textbook manufacturer/publisher violates these rules, they shall be shut down indefinitely. 

*if a educational institution knowingly utilizes materials that do not meet these requirements, they will lose all state and federal educational funding. 

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