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October 16, 2013,  6:11 AM . To the Hon. Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden:

 We are asking your good offices to take over the Administration's consideration of the following petitions:

There are numerous petitions on the site "Petitions to Restore the Constitution and the Rule of Law in the USA" (<>) on Facebook, which are addressed to President Obama.    

President Obama has completely disregarded these petitions, either due to his own lack of professional interest in his Oath of Office, or due to obstruction within his own Administration.

We are asking you to take action as suggested  on this Facebook site:


Vice President Biden - STEP UP TO THE PLATE NOW, PLEASE.

Furthermore, we ask that the petitions on the above site, Petitions to Restore the Constitution, be  duly and seriously considered afresh by your own good offices in the event you should suddenly find yourself thrust into the Presidency by the expected resignation of President Obama either due to 25th Amendment activation or the Round Robin process of administrative housecleaning suggested in the leading petition on the Step Up To The Plate site,  which will be posted aside this one and on top  of it.

We also ask that the petitions on these three sites: . <>;

and   <>;

and last, but not least: <>;

be duly considered by your new Administration,  after such time as you may be sworn in as President of the United States.

The need for the granting of many of these petitions of justice, particularly with respect to the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve request, is already long overdue, and much harm has been caused by the callous disregard for justice during the past five years in Washington and almost all of our State governments and many municipal governments as well.

We ask that you will not make your Administration's  entire consideration of these petitions an entirely  internal affair, which will hold the people who wrote these petitions in total disregard and contempt as thought we are to have no right to self-determination or any other human rights.  We ask, of course, that in considering these petitions, that key decision-makers in your incoming Administration will realize that these requests are not only justified, but long overdue - and that your consideration will include appointing petition-formulators to key decision-making positions in your Administration as well as opening dialogues with the petition authors if your own close and longtime advisors have any questions or complaints about these petitions - because only by a process of dialogue, obviously, can the petition authors have any opportunity to respond to any such questions, complaints and other comments in the form of issues which your own staffers may wish to raise.

Transparency, to be meaningful, must include such dialogue and trust in the people.

We pray that you will grant these petitions as you serve the Nation as our President, until such time as Barack Obama will return according to the Round Robin plan, or until your time as President shall expire in the absence of any consideration of such a 25th Amendment remedy, on January 20, 2017.

One more thing:  We ask that you activate the 25th Amendment as soon as possible, because the Nation is in dire straits right now and the need for rational action in Washington is urgent.  We ask that in activating the 25th Amendment, that your good offices shall negotiate reasonably and not in an intransigent manner with Congress, as one necessary step to restore the credibility of the United States internationally, and the faith which citizens of the United States deserve to have in their own elected officials who are in positions of public trust.

Scott Davis


Committee of 37 Peace Initiative

PO Box 877 Edgmont, PA  19028-0877



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