Stop Cultural Appropriating off Cambodian Genocide

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The Cambodian community would like to file a petition to remove the name of the metal band: “Tuol Sleng Official/Tuolsleng.death” along with the stolen artwork of Vann Nath, off all social media and music platforms.

We also would like a for them to issue a public apology for the Cambodian community for causing an uproar of emotional distress during the upcoming anniversary of the Cambodian Genocide.

For this day we still mourn the lives of those lost and murdered due to this tragedy. We are reaching out report the band name mocking the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum’s and their illegal sales of Vann Nath’s artwork. The metal band is committing cultural appropriation, as they are a non-Cambodian group that is taking claim and ownership of the cultural property. They are profiting off the exploitation of the S-21 prison that is known as Tuol Sleng. We have reached out to them many times in which they have denied the request to take down the artwork and change the name. From there we took affirmative action and asked for support of the Cambodian and Asian American community to help us. The band have responded in an Instagram video post directly insulting our Cambodian community with vulgar language and hate speech. We are continuously working diligently to try to cancel all their pages, music, and illegal sales of Vann Nath’s artwork without permission. We have decided to create a petition to have them take down the artwork and change the band name on all social media platforms.

If we are successful in our petition for them to change their name and remove the art, we request they do not use anything cultural appropriating, representing or referencing Cambodia, Cambodian Genocide, Khmer Rouge, or Pol Pot related.

During this time, we would like to ask if anyone would take this time to participate to take part in our movement and sign our petition.

Thank you all for your support! - Tyan, Brandy, Apple, Alex, Lisa