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Broad-spectrum, necessary mental health expertise is currently under-represented on the Biden Administration's forming COVID-19 Advisory Board.

Thankfully, Ms. Hopkins, an accomplished and experienced mental health nurse from Seattle, has been added to this Advisory as of late November 2020. She has long experience as a bedside nurse, and with MH advocacy. However, additional psychiatric expertise is needed, including physicians, psychologists, and allied mental health professions including nursing, social work and community-based and peer counseling. In particular, deep expertise in disaster mental health and neuropsychiatry is needed.

Experience in the mental health dimensions of crisis and the neuropsychiatric consequences of medical disease is required to properly serve the citizens of the United States given the emerging mental health dimensions of this pandemic.

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Grant H. Brenner

Vibrant Disaster and Crisis Response Committee Co-Chair; Co-Chair, Disasters, Trauma and Global Health Committee, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry; CEO, Neighborhood Psychiatry; Assistant Clinical Professor, Mount Sinai Beth Israel



  • Vibrant Emotional Health - Kimberly Williams, President & CEO, Vibrant Emotional Health
  • Committee on Disaster, Trauma and Global Health, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry

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