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Urge Joe Biden to Head a Progressive Front Bench Opposition to Trump-Pence Administration

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Joe Biden has just set up a new non-profit organization to help progressives recapture the House and Senate in 2018 and the presidency in 2020. Joe needs to convene the best, brightest and most committed to reverse and rectify in 2018 and 2020 the damage done by Trump-Pence-McConnell-Ryan Please e-mail former V.P. Joe Biden to convene an unofficial but expert “loyal opposition” frontbench group to track and counter Trump-Pence-McConnell-Ryan lies and bad policies. There is a wealth of expertise to choose from among private sector advocates and elected officials at the federal and state levels who realize their primary responsibility is to the people and the Republic, in contrast to those who shill for lobbyists and corporate clients and enrich themselves and the favored few at citizens’ expense.

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It would be the duty of this opposition frontbench, through public conferences, campaign events, interviews, posts, articles, and press briefings, to present authoritative analysis and their best advice about current Chief Executive and cabinet actions and legislative bills and to draft effective counter-proposals and explain honestly the ramifications of their own proposals. We must disperse the fog of misinformation so voters are able to make sensible and careful decisions for the future of our Republic and the prosperity, safety and well-being of those who call America home.

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Whether Joe Biden does or does not run in 2020, let’s urge Joe to help set up a British-style ‘loyal opposition’ group to act as ‘shadow ’ frontbench to monitor and counter the agenda, bias, misinformation, willful  ignorance, and conflicts of interest of the Trump-Pence administration, cabinet, and the current Congress.  A Progressive Opposition frontbench will help accomplish several objectives:

1) Allow voters fuller, more balanced, immediate reliable information and analysis on crucial issues and upcoming administration and congressional actions and legislation. Clearly articulate counter-proposals so voters can see the possible impacts and ramifications of those actions and  proposed alternatives.

2) Create a ‘bench” or speakers’ bureau of the best, brightest, most articulate and persuasive progressives to authoritatively counter GOP misinformation and harmful policies.

3) Give the members of that bench added visibility that allows them to:
(a) develop and promulgate realizable alternative progressive policies, devise campaigns and raise funding;
(b) give them exposure for, and in, their next campaigns;
(c) winnow the Democrat field for 2020 down to a handful of the best; and/or provide Biden with a solid and compatible vote-winning running mate and potential successor.

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