#Aid Not Moratoriums! Small Landlords Want it Fair and Upfront

I’m signing because this moratorium has made the pandemic 10 times worse for me than anyone. I live right down the street from my rental and have had to watch people intentionally destroying my property, gang members moving in and drug dealing. My tenant has not paid for about four months now and I also have to cover all their utilities as it was agreed-upon in the lease. My husband lost his job on December 23 and my business has been closed about 50% of the entire time since the beginning of the pandemic. We have no money to repair our home that was a brand new remodel just two years ago, one year before these tenants moved in. I definitely am now aware that I was a victim of a very good con artist. They have also been running a illegal business in the garage. I’ve also found several teenagers walking all over my roof causing more damage in the middle of the night when it was dark. If you’re curious how I know these things it’s because I have now been forced to sit across the street and watch my house and try and protect my property as best as I can. I have been a resident here for 20 years and a homeowner during that time as well as a business owner for the past 25 years, working with children. I make a very modest living but I know how to work hard and will work many weekends and additional hours in order to get a little bit ahead and prepare for when I can no longer take care of myself due to my Lyme disease. That is all now being taken away from me and the past 10 years of all my hard work is specifically now being destroyed in just 9-10 months due to this tenant. I’ve hired a lawyer with no help there and have even tried to go to the media. I gave a very well cared for home because I hate hearing people refer to landlords a slumlords which is just not the case. Same time I can now understand more than ever why so many choose to be slumlords! I would do anything to get my Home back if someone would just say what it is I need to do. I’ve also been to the hospital two Saturdays in a row and one by ambulance due to the stress of watching all my hard work disappear. Please understand this is NOT RIGHT. This is also creating a great deal of depression and anxiety that I believe will leave permanent damage. This is very much a shame considering I’ve devoted my life to helping kids and I don’t think there’s much left of me to give anymore after this. In addition to this my lawyer in a very nonchalant way explained that she listens to grown man cry on the phone every day due to this pandemic. I’m sorry but when we are all extremely stressed and in the same terrible situation due to the pandemic, hurting others to help others is not right. Please make this change before it’s too late. Treat the hard-working, taxpaying and rule following people as they should be treated.

My tenants teenage boys even shot out to car windows on a 40 mile an hour Street and two months later we are still dealing with these kids having BB guns which should’ve been taken away. This is when I had to start camping out in my car every waking moment that I’m not at work trying to protect my house. The message to the tenants is very loud and clear, do whatever you please and don’t worry about getting kicked out ever.


Amber Myers

Amber Myers, Cotati, CA, United States
3 months ago
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