A 2nd Chance At Life.

A 2nd Chance At Life.

June 1, 2021
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Governor of Missis Gov. Tate Reeves and 1 other
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Started by Jasmine Goines

My name is Brian A. Young #L0787. I am 53 Years Old, I am serving a life sentence for murder. I am very remorseful to the victim and her family, I cannot take back or erase my mistakes in the past, but I learned from them and ensure that i don’t make the same mistakes again. I am asking for Parole Release/Clemency and a chance to reunite with my family and loved ones again.

I was 32 Years Old when i began this and had no violent record prior.

Prior to my incarnation in this state, I lived in New Orleans, La being raised by my mom and stepdad. I have 2 younger brothers and we were all raised in the same home. I was a first-class welder up until incarceration. Being incarcerated has impacted my family tremendously in many ways, My mom passed away in December of 2017. I have no had any visitation, “until further notice”, due to covid-19 restrictions. 

I have held a calm demeanor/manner through heat of passion moments while dealing with various dispositions. My mentality and daily affirmation is, “ Love others, as I love myself”.

Other than being confined to a dorm, I provide a positive influence to all of my peers and others around me. I am always there to listen to their legal issues and lend a helping hand and guidance. I try to lead by example in a positive form. If paroled my plan is to continue being a positive role model and influence in other’s lives and also, my own welding business building iron works and do small metal fabrication and repairs. 


While being incarcerated, I have further educated myself. I have earned a legal assistance diploma back in 2007, I have completed anger management and i am a certified GED tutor. I completed and earned certification in woodworking and carpentry. I’ve had several steady jobs during my years of imprisonment until recently where i’ve been under disability status. I am a chronic care patient. 


I apologize for all the wrong actions i’ve taken, I am asking for a 2nd chance in society via parole release. I will prove that i can be a law-abiding, productive & successful citizen in society. I am now a much more mature, educated and wiser person. I’m a teamplayer and get along great with others. I miss my family, friends and loved ones. I would love to be around and spend quality time with them. I will provide a positive influence on their life, I’ve spent alot of time incarcerated and it is not worth it. If i am granted a second chance, I will make the most if it. 



Brian A. Young #L0787

SMCI Unit #2

P.O. Box 1419

Leakesville,Ms 39451



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Signatures: 36Next Goal: 50
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