Stop social services removing children from loving homes!!

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I've spent a whole year fighting too get my daughter home after her father snatched her from me on the 27th of March 2017. Due too me suffering with mental health problems and being isolated the social workers decided they would allow her father too complete assessments to enable him too keep her in his care. Bearing in mind I had just completed a four month assessment in which he had been removed from due too being violent, abusive and abusing drugs. Not only this but there had been over 6 cases of assault where I had been the victim and even one case where my 9 year old brother was involved. There was too be NO unsupervised contact given under no circumstances. When he took my daughter on the given date they didn't take any off this into consideration, he was homeless, had a drug addiction and was drinking continuously with his brothers and friends. He had no clothing for her and she didn't even know who he was! The social workers allowed him too rip my 8 months old daughter away from her home and routine and stopped my contact and my families fully with my daughter for a full year! They handed him everything on a plate and pushed me aside, I was called a bad parent and continuously bullied by my daughter's dad because I wasn't there for her even though he would not allow me to be. Asof recent events he started letting me and my family see her again on his terms. social services have allowed him too use her as a weapon and black mail us. We raise a concern about my daughter and he stops contact because she's "HIS" daughter not mine. Last contact he pushed it one step too far When he decided he was going too cause an argument and get in my face over messages I received from his partner informing me he had assaulted her. I was sent graphic images of her injuries and told how he was incapable off looking after my daughter. Given I'm 38 weeks pregnant I was scared for my safety due too previous times I've been assaulted by him when pregnant with his daughter and knowing he had recently assaulted his girlfriend. Clearly proving he's never changed. I provided social services with evidence my daughter was present whilst he brutally attacked her also that he had been fighting and having men show up at his home where my daughter's supposed to be safe with weapons. I don't find this acceptable at all! But social services have told me that is not enough to remove my daughter so i took it upon myself to remove her from his care. Since I've been bullied and treat improper by social services because they fully support him taking me too court too remove her from my care. They have refused too help me fill any forms in that I don't understand too get help too pay for a solicitor, I asked for help with funding for nursery and I was told due too them fully supporting him they can NOT do that, but I'm being told I'm messing with her routine not taking her too nursery. How can she attend nursery if they won't help me get the letters I Need?! The mp has been informed of this particular social workers behaviour and I'm awaiting a new social worker. I've been judged off my situation 1 year and more ago and not been given another chance too have my daughter home! I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I've completed a parenting assessment with no risk factors apart from being isolated from family I have a very supportive boyfriend which they've also stripped away from me he is not aloud around my daughter until they've assessed him but yet there dragging there feet I've 2 weeks left I've had them doing assessments since I was 26 weeks pregnant. This isn't fair there saying I've got all these problems but thats because there making them! Social services want nothing but too rip families apart! My daughter is safe and happy at home she doesn't want too be around drugs, alcohol and strange men That her father is meeting with her present daily! She needs play groups, parks cuddles and love! That's what I want too give her but social services are trying too taking her away from me again! If he gets her back he will not allow me too see her again, and I highly doubt social services would do much too change this. Please help me keep her home where she belongs and show everyone what social services are really like! There supposed too treat us as equals but they aren't there siding with one parent and it isn't fair! I've tried too get funding too take this too court but I'm not applicable for legal aid which apparently her father is.. I feel like everyone's fighting against me. It would be much appreciated if you could sign my petition thanks! 

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