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Justice for Julio Zuniga

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My name is Jocelyn Zuniga niece of Julio Zuniga who was shot in cold blood on the morning of February 15, 2017, by a man murderer named Edgar Vieyra.  Julio Zuniga was a family man who left six girls behind the oldest Sussy age 25, Jocelyn 13, Jasmine age 12, Gracie age 8, and lastly Katliyn age 2.  He died protecting his daughter Jasmine from Edgar who was molesting her while in his presence. Julio did get into an altercation with him because of what caught Edgar doing. The sexual assault  took place on January 1, 2017.  

The next day Julio then decided to take action by reporting it to the police he had an altercation with Edgar.  Police took the statement of Jasmine and in full detail. Which you can access and review if need too.  Edgar had found out that Julio put charges on him he took it to social media (Instagram) and posted threats to Julio even endangering his family.  If you look in the case file you can see all the threats that he has made as well if you would take the time to dig further into Edgar’s phone you will see that he gave his friends Julio Zuniga’s address but deleted short after and my Dad’s which is the oldest brother.

My family is terrified of what he can do next if he is released on bond.  Take note that the threats made and not taking serious by investigators and NOW my uncle is deceased.  We were in contact with Detective Tran, we were advise that he got apprehended we are also aware that his bond is at 50k in which there can be a possibility of him posting bond.

Going back January 1, 2017 he tried to do the samething to me and we didn’t press charges because we knew what he was capable of killing my father.   The threats passed on to my dad, therefore, we did not press charges. I went to school today (Feb 16, 2017) and told them if there was anything that they can do in order to keep him from coming in or even his wife. I stated that he knows what school I go to and that he knows that I take the bus as well.  School officials suggested that when something like this happens the best is to place me in housebound. When I heard what was housebound my reaction was alarming. My sister 7 years old was also put in house housebound.

Your honor we do not feel safe with him on the loose knowing that he knows where we all live. Housebound is something we do not want to put my cousins and I do not want to live.  We were happy hearing that he was caught and the devastated when we broke the news to them that he can post bond. Threats like these are not suppose to be taken lightly again especially because of what he’s done to my uncle, father of 5 girls. I would finish just by saying this, if you received these threats or one of your family members did right after you lost your husband, or brother, or maybe your uncle would you want this man on the loose knowing you can be shot cold blooded.

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