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Decorate Graduation Caps at GNBVT

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The seniors at GNBVT believe that we need to show our creativity at our last appearance as high school students, but sadly, students at our school are told that we are not allowed to decorate our caps.

Here at GNBVT, we pride ourselves on creativity and it's constantly brought up upon by all students and staff in the different technical shops. If we're supposed to show our creativity, why not allow us to show it on the most important day of our high school career?

Many students have asked to decorate their caps to no avail. Security believes it would be too dangerous and that students would put inappropriate words or symbols on the cap, but security and shop teachers would easily be able to look at the student’s caps ahead of time and they can be supervised. Staff should, of course, make sure cap designs are appropriate and take the necessary course of action if a student decides to fall out of line. If the school wants us to act like adults, they should at least give us this responsibility and trust that so many students from different years are currently asking for and have asked for years in the past.

Most schools across the country allow students to decorate their caps. Majority of local schools allow it too. Students at Dartmouth High, Fairhaven High, and many other local schools have the chance to, so why aren’t we allowed to also? Decorating our caps will not distract from the formality of the event and would also help with being able to point out who is who in the sea of green caps.

Students want to express their joy of graduating. After four long years of hard work, being able to show some positivity would be amazing. Parents and students also pay for their caps and worked hard for four years. A little creativity won't hurt.

It's a celebration of accomplishment, let the students show their individuality before the real world tries to make them forget how much fun it was to be a kid.

Please sign this petition to help in our effort to let the seniors at GNBVT to be able to express their creativity through decorating their caps at the graduation ceremony taking place on June 8th. Thank You.


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