Help me change the law parents with PR they do use controlling and cohesive behaviour

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Open the doors to these closed family courts ....... psychology abuse is real and happening ........ my children an I are victims of abuse all our life’s via their father ..... I left my children’s father in 2012 after being with him from a 15 year child , him 25, He has abused me for 24 year s and now via my children ,he locked me in his parents home ,   he was controlling raping me being sexually abusive financial control (I paid for everything) phycological abusive getting me pregnant at 15 I lost that child July 1994 he would call me names saying the children not his having DNA they of course his children. I was a child .., 

I have all evidence of abuse.... of 24 years .... social services reported abuse ...... from the father to the children .... no ones done anything ....  

through the family courts I have been writing to my children for 1 year and 6 months and no one in the family courts have been to see if my children have received their letters... the judge in 2017 said they where to have a safe place in their bed rooms to keep the things I sent ... my x told the courts in October 2017 ... all my letters are in a bag in a draw ... under his control .... 

I had 4 live births with him 6 pregnancy altogether. 

Hes abused all four children by trying to block my contact.

all because I left and the only way he can ever hurt me is through my children.

part carney writes a book the dominator family courts doctors mental health social services caff cass barristers. Need training in phycological abuse!!!! 

He would Nip his own children put hands over their mouths if they cried phycological abuser ...... he has no emotions.

 Attempting to kill me push me down stairs lock me out the house call me names take my money play games with all children phycological abusing them throw cup s at me smash back doors hit me kick me bend my fingers back follow me not let me have friends me threats to kill me that’s a few .

I want to make a stand for every woman who has been raped abused by their partners and are then being abused in the family courts for having PTSD as your partner abused you , trying to send us on therapy while they leave our children with these phycological abusers. 

The family courts are not up to date with the effects of phycological abuse.

if I need therapy because he abused me , why is he not on it ???? 

People who use children women and men should be jailed ....

the trauma it cause for the child and the parted parent is shocking the phycological damage that’s caused by being parted. 

Please help me change the law parents with PR do control and use cohesive behaviour. 

As I go I will place my evidence. 

Please support to bring family’s back together. Save these phycological abused children. 

I told police in 2016 from the child sexual assault s and him getting a child pregnant !!! he told police that he never went out with me until I was 16 and one month yet here I am at 15 at a wedding with him, at his best friend s at 15 , I also have photo s of me in Blackpool in may of 1994 pregnant with the child I lost I was 12 weeks pregnant. No police social services midwife did anything when I was presented at Christina hearty hospital....  THE POLICE NEVER INTERVIEWED MY PARENTS.......... nor school friends ..... the family court s because the police didn’t do anything ..... 

didnt look at the proper evidence facts. 

I have had all of my children abused. 

caff cass workers not listening to the children nor the judge ... I will edit this later today .....13 September 2018