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Mundelein H.S. Bands, Choirs and the P.E. Waiver

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EDIT:  Please read the entire petition.  We want to make it clear that the school is not trying to eliminate band and show choir; however, there are reasons to be concerned that these programs will be significantly and negatively impacted without action.  We are working to garner support for these actions and to clearly communicate to the decision-makers that keeping these programs strong is important to the community.

ORIGINAL TEXT:  We the undersigned are aware that in the absence of public comment on the issue of a p.e. waiver for band and choir students beyond what was posted in Dr. Kroll's email dated November 10, that the group of parents designing this petition are operating in good faith prior to the board meeting Tuesday, November 14. We ask that all comments be respectful and are reflective of the facts as we know them.

We recognize the following information as set forth by Dr. Kroll's email:

  • “The current and new legislation allow Marching Band students to waive PE while in Marching Band.”
  • “All students will be assigned to a PE class for next year in case the legislation doesn’t allow band/show choir students to be waived from the PE requirement.”
  • “If the new waiver may be used for bands and show choirs, band/choir students may then have their schedules revised to exclude PE.”

However, we would like to communicate the following items:

  1. That the Mundelein High School band and show choir programs,are an integral part of MHS and the community and afford students unique opportunities with short-term and lasting benefits.
  2. We call on the board and the administration to show their support of these programs by scheduling students as if there WERE a p.e. waiver and make the accompanying schedule changes only after all avenues to appealing a p.e. waiver denial has been exhausted. 
  3. We call on the board and the administration to be transparent in this process and ask that invested band and choir parents be included in the application process.
  4. While we understand that the "Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is in the process of discussing how to interpret and regulate the new legislation and hopes to conclude their study sometime in January 2018."  We are also aware that the application is due January 12, 2018 and requires a public hearing, for which there needs to be two weeks' public notice among other requirements.  Thus, we are asking the board to direct the administration to begin this process immediately.
  5. We would like clarification regarding the relationship between the course selection guide and the p.e. waiver.  If the course selection guide indicates no changes to the current program, we are not in opposition; however, if its adoption necessitates changes to the program, we are firmly opposed.  

Respectfully submitted to the MHS Community, Board Members and Administration.

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