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Remove your "comedy" track about Anne Frank. It's disgusting!

Hi, my name is Logan Sherrill and I'm 14 years old. I started studying about Anne Frank after watching Brooke Hyland perform a solo about her on an episode of Lifetime's hit show "Dance Moms." After reading Anne's diary and watching many films and documentaries on her, I became fascinated with her story. While looking for a song about her to use for a little Powerpoint presentation for her story, I came across a track on iTunes entitled "Anne Frank" by Joan Rivers. I knew she was a comedian and I knew what I was about to hear before I previewed the song was going to be appalling. I was disgusted with what I heard. I hope you will sign this petition and have Joan Rivers apologize and remove her horrible track about Anne Frank. It is just awful to make fun, and give disgusting comments on a girl who was killed in a concentration camp at 15 years old. Joan Rivers, you should be ashamed.

Letter to
Joan Rivers
Your track about Anne Frank on one of your newest comedy albums is appalling and disgusting. She was an innocent 15 year old girl who died for no reason at all, but just because she was Jewish. What if you were put in a concentration camp just for being American? How would it make you feel? She didn't deserve to die and you just discreminated her posthumously, and that is just a sick and cruel thing to do. As a comedian, you need to learn that there is a difference between being funny and being cruel.