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STOP Construction on Pardall & Embarcadero del Norte Traffic Light

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Supervisor Joan Hartmann, County of Santa Barbara
Chancellor Henry Hang, University of California, Santa Barbara

As UCSB students, we pass through the intersection of Pardall Rd. and Embarcadero del Norte (The Freebirds Intersection) on a daily basis. This intersection may have been built with cars in mind, but it is used by bikes. Let's put a STOP to this COSTLY stoplight project before it can further develop. We don't want our fellow students to be LATE TO CLASS, TICKETED, or most importantly PHYSICALLY INJURED by this project.

The planned construction project by the County of Santa Barbara, in partnership with UCSB, would create an all-way stop with traffic lights. This in effect would cause HUNDREDS OF BIKES to stop at the same time during rush hours and would completely clog the intersection we see today. Furthermore, students today are unlikely to follow existing stop signs, so why would the traffic lights be any different but to allow for car-on-bike crashes, not bike-on-bike crashes?

On top of this, this project, funded out of the taxpayer’s and alumni’s pocketbooks, would cost $300,000! Our money can be much better spent improving the safety of this intersection by providing alternative ways for students to travel by bike, onto campus.

The only way to make this stoplight ‘work’ will involve MASS CITATIONS by the Sherriff’s Office. These citations can cost over $300 PER TICKET. We as students bear a large financial load with college, housing, and living expenses already, many of us working part-time or full-time jobs just to get by.

Our community will not support this! We want solutions. We believe that instead of focusing on the busy intersection at Pardall and Embarcadero del Norte, the County and University should be:

1. Developing projects to improve bicycle access to campus through other streets, such as Trigo, Sabado Tarde, and Del Playa, thus relieving the congestion problem.

2. Spending money on causes that greater benefit the students and the safety of pedestrians, bikers, skateboarders, and drivers alike within the Isla Vista community.

And most importantly,

3. STOP the current proposal to install a Stoplight at the intersection of Pardall and Embarcadero del Norte.



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