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Save Agrarian Reform Alliance!

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“The main problem facing the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program today is DAR’s lack of political commitment to implementing land reform on all agricultural lands, as provided by Article XII, Section 4 of the 1987 Constitution,” said Atty. Jan Perry Eugenio of the office of Rep. Arlene Bag-ao. “DAR has every possible legal tool to make agrarian reform work, including providing for shortfalls in the issuance of Notices-of-Coverage to all lands targeted for redistribution by June 30, 2014, so the far greater danger is DAR’s apparent forgetting of its own constitutional mandate.”

Some 300 farmers, farmworkers and rural women from Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog are expected to arrive in Manila next week on March 4 and camp out at DAR to pressure the government to make good their commitment to agrarian reform. 

What alarms me is the existence of enough Filipinos to form groups that do not possess the intelligence to realize this; guess that's why we have such terrible leaders.

LAND BELONGS TO ALL FILIPINOS. It's use should benefit ALL Filipinos and not just a specific sector of society (farmers and their trapo politicians). If you can't make the land productive for the benefit of ALL FILIPINOS, ALLOW OTHERS TO DO SO!

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