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June 14, 2017
The Principal,
Jamnabai Narsee School
Juhu, Mumbai

Dear Madam,

This letter refers to your mail, dated 23.05.2017 with regards to the Change in Academic Calendar for the year 2017-18, and the changes made therein to the vacation schedule of the school.

In past , there have been many decisions taken on important issues by the school , which have had a very positive impact on the welfare of our children , and in everyone of those instances the school has always exercised the option of taking the PTA’s opinion. Hence in this case too, we the parents urge you to conduct an open forum, or meeting wherein, this important and sensitive issue be discussed with earnestness and a desirable yet balanced conclusion be arrived at for betterment and in the best interest of our children.

At the outset, we would like to point out certain difficulties and limitations, we as parents and children would have to face if the proposed summer vacation schedule ( 26TH May to 15th July 2018) is put into practice.
1. The month of May is the hottest month in the entire calendar year all over India including Mumbai. With temperatures bordering between 37 to 39 degrees, it will be too much to expect from our children to brazen it out and attend school in the heat and humidity. This year, the temperatures in May, touched record highs throughout the country and in numerous cases the heat waves have got the better of, of able bodied adults too.

2. In the past, in many parts of the country , the state governments have passed orders for schools to close in the month of May, due to strong and unbearable heat waves. Therefore, if we have the school open during this period, it will cause grave discomfort and health problems like dehydrations and nausea on our children. Additionally it may be worth noting here that the food/lunch packs carried by our children are prepared in the early hours of the morning and given the state of the weather, all the efforts at trying to keep the food fresh would be wasted, as they might get spoiled due to heat and consumption after six hours.

3. The heat would have a vicious effect on our children, if they are hard-pressed to travel in school busses and made to study and prepare for their examinations therein. Also the P.Ed sessions conducted during this heat may turn out to be detrimental to our children’s health and hygiene and can cause problems like dehydration, muscle cramps and fatigue. We are sure that you may agree that this would not be an ideal, comfortable or a conducive environment for any kind of learning.

4. May is a month when most schools across the country break for summer vacations, and parents usually opt to take children out to meet their relatives and cousins for family reunions. But this once in a year practice too will be ruled out if the new summer vacation plan is put into practice.

5. There are very few options at outdoor activities and recreation in the months of June and July because of the monsoons; and if you schedule the summer vacations during this time, children stand to lose out on the most important time for recreation in their entire yearly calendar.

6. By shifting the yearly vacations to months of June and July, Kids will have no other option but to be glued to television sets and other electronic gadgets, because there will be no outdoor options available for recreation during monsoons. Needless to say, that most parents would prefer their children to be home rather than go outside in the rains and become susceptible to water borne diseases.

7. You may also imagine the plight of parents who have children in schools other than JNS; or who themselves work as teachers elsewhere and have a child studying in JNS. It would be difficult, in fact almost impossible to plan a vacation with their kids. Similar is the case with Government offices including our Judiciary which is closed for almost six weeks during this period.
Madam, in view of the above circumstances, we the parents on behalf of our children ( who will be physically and psychologically) affected by this new summer schedule, humbly request you and the other office bearers to look into this matter and come up with a mutually acceptable decision. One which will be in the interest of all; the school, the parents and most importantly the children, who are the most vital link between us and the wonderful, esteemed and reputed institution called ‘JNS’.
Looking forward to your co operation regarding the same.
Yours sincerely,


It's not a question of individual preferences . A few concerns beyond the personal time tables were put forward yesterday very pertinently , respectfully and with great clarity .
1. Summer holidays and memories associated with it - playing with friends , meeting family from various parts of the country , doing outdoor activity camps , etc are an integral part of childhood of kids growing up in India . It is the single most free-from-cares and worries vacation that kids have a right to .

2. The social quotient and development of our children is by intermingling with other kids in bldg or community or in outdoor camps . We have chosen the icse curriculum for our children keeping in mind that it is very imp to keep their universe open to exposure and experiences inherent to the diverse nature of india , in the monsoon schedule , our kids will have no other option but to interact only with jns , ib or igcse school children . Our school and Zeenat miss has time again stressed over the importance of overall development of kids . This schedule would be the biggest deterrent to that philosophy.

3. We are thankful to the staff and school to provide the facilities that they do and will in the future , but the fact remains that May weather is not conducive to school going . Children do suffer from heat related illnesses and discomfort which robs them of any meaningful studying experience. Headaches , prickly heat , sweating , skin related fungal infections , stomach ailments are just a few to name .

Please do consider these factors .

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