Reopening of Jamia Millia Islamia

Reopening of Jamia Millia Islamia

1 February 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Azu Pathan

It has almost been a year since the lockdown was imposed and the campuses were shut down. During these months we have been burdened with a broken and exclusionary "online mode" of education and evaluation.

Presently almost everything has been pushed towards normalcy with colleges and universities opening up to secure the careers of their students and preventing any adverse imapct on their academics from this lockdown.

Last semester has taught us that the so called "online mode" of education is repugnant, regressive and exclusionary in nature it reduces the credibility of our degrees in an adversial way and restrict our access to productive opportunities.

Therefore we would like to tell the Jamia administration that they should not waste anymore time in releasing an official notice for reopening. The university administration should formulate the plan for a phased reopening of the university for all courses and streams within a week.

*If failed to do so we students of JMI will be boycotting the online classes currently going on and will resort to mass e-mailing to MHRD, UGC, JMI VC, JMI registrar and other officials.*

*This facade of "online education" and closing down of JMI will not be allowed to extend anymore*

Students are requested to sign this petition as much as possible 

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Signatures: 118Next Goal: 200
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  • MHRD
  • UGC
  • JMI Administration
  • JMI VC
  • JMI Registrar