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Have JK Rowling stay at a refugee camp for 7 days, no bodyguards, to show they're peaceful

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Lately, world renowned (and world class) fantasy writer, JK Rowling (famous for her "Harry Potter" series of books), has been very outspoken in combating xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric.


Many conservatives, including the supporters of US President Donald Trump, and the President himself (who recently enacted a temporary memorandum on travel to countries outlined as "terrorism hot spots" by former President Barack Obama), have called for a ban of immigration altogether from these countries. 

JK Rowling has been brave in standing up for these poor, peaceful refugees who just want a chance at life. 

Therefore, this petition is to encourage Mrs Rowling to shut this hate speech up once and for all, by proving that these refugees are the most peaceful, loving people on earth. We would like to see her spend one week in a Syrian refugee camp, such as Moria in Greece, without any security personnel or bodyguards. Just Mrs Rowling and a camera. Stay amongst these peaceful people the way they do, in a tent, and show their ideology of love, respect, and tolerance. 

We feel that once she has done this, those who are staunchly against inclusion and acceptance will have no argument left. 


Mrs Rowling, it's up to you, just like it was Harry, to save the world. 

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