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Petition against retrospective planning application re biomass boiler plant @ 4 Dells Farm

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Petition by the residents of Compton Down to Hampshire County Council Regulatory Committee, (Planning) 18th October 2017


Petition summary and background:

A scheme was approved in 2015, under planning permission 15/02770/HCS.  This was for the drying of woodchip to produce a marketable product, and the generation and export of electricity.  The facility is situated at Four Dells Farm, and abuts Compton Down, which is rural part of the parish of Compton and Shawford.

The applicant in respect of this current application made significant changes without clarifying planning status. A retrospective application was subsequently made to HCC at the end of March 2017.   The applicant has installed different plant, enlarged the building and made changes in respect of how the plant and site would operate.  The main changes relate to the type of biomass boiler plant, having been changed from biomass boilers x 2 to a much bigger plant consisting of a Combined Heat and Power Electricity Generation facility, known as CHP.  This proposed plant needs to be housed in a much larger building. It is understood that the size of the whole site remains unchanged. 

It is proposed that the site will continue to process waste wood and green waste “a proportion of which will be used to fuel the ‘CHP’ boiler to generate heat for use on site and to generate electricity for export to the national grid.  The residual heat generated by the boiler is to be used for the drying and processing of recycled wood/waste for sale as fuel product”. 

Concerns  relate to:- 

  • Loud and intrusive noise from the new development heard both day and night by parishioners across the whole of  Compton Down since March
  • Significant emissions (plumes and black smoke)
  • Light pollution at night
  • The adequacy of operation of the site (extreme venting noises beyond a commissioning clear out)
  • The proposed self monitoring of the “exudate” internally, on site only, as recent black smoke emissions seem to indicate dirty wood, as opposed to green untreated wood is being burnt, with its associated carcinogenic implications (ref conditions of Permit to Pollute issued by WCC in March 2017)
  • General concerns about how the site will be monitored to ensure satisfactory compliance (as result of activities to date) including operating hours. 

Action petitioned:

We the undersigned, request that the HCC Regulatory Committee give thorough and detailed consideration to application within the relevant legal framework, including reducing the noise to an acceptable level at 4 Dells Farm, emissions to the atmosphere, light pollution and monitoring arrangements. 

We the undersigned object to the scheme as it currently stands based on the application details and what has been experienced by the community over the last 6 months.


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