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In the event of nuclear annihilation, release the Star Wars IX script

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It becomes more concerning every day that the current global ecosystem may be propelling us towards nuclear annihilation. The false alarm in Hawaii taught us that there is a significant delay between when our impending doom is known and when the actual event happens.

I can not imagine waiting for a nuclear blast is a fun activity - so it'd be worthwhile to have something to take our mind off of the imminent blast. Once we've said goodbye and hugged our loved ones, texted mom and dad good-bye, and reflected that perhaps we should have bothered to vote in the last election - there's not much left to do. It's not like a trip to Costco makes sense.

Many of us, myself included, would feel very badly that we did not know how Rey's and Ben Solo's story arcs end. As such, I'm asking that JJ Abrams releases the Episode IX script immediately after confirmation of the impending collapse of humanity.

As an added bonus, if there's enough warning that the collapse is imminent (IE: an extended period of rhetoric between two nuclear powers), we would appreciate if JJ could highlight the most important script points in yellow marker so that we can get through the important story elements in the remaining 10-15 minutes we have left.

I know that if JJ agreed to this plan it would reduce a lot of angst amongst Star Wars fans everywhere.


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